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Internet Giant Yahoo Launches Programmatic Native Ads

by Brian Colling - February 22, 2016

Yahoo Launches Programmatic Native Ads

In the Internet marketing world, a central goal is to reach the largest potential customer base. Well perhaps that is a key to all successful advertising campaigns. Anyway, times have changed. Consumers are much savvier than in the past. A company cannot just claim to be the best. Nobody would listen. Instead, the top marketers know they must now provide content that will somehow benefit readers.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is the new trend in Internet marketing. Websites and blogs publish these advertisements that appear in the same format as the normal content. The writer gives away as few clues as possible to the reader that he or she is seeing an advertisement. Everything looks as if it is just another article, blog post or infographic. The underlying theory is that readers will more likely pay attention if they think the content objective.

The Yahoo Plan

Yahoo has launched a new program to help its customers. The company will place native advertising on its Brightroll Exchange. Publishers can now bid on thousands of websites and mobile apps to reach an expanded readership. They can also access native ads produced by third parties. The contributors are some of the top in their fields, including Pinger and Cheetah Mobile.

The move by Yahoo is no small deal. Programmatic native advertising spending is expected to reach almost $10 billion by 2020. This number would make it 10 percent of the total digital advertising market.

Yahoo has struggled against its search engine competitors. It is third among the majors. The Google acquisition of YouTube provided another means to attract customers within its platform. Yet, prognostications of the death of Yahoo have obviously been overstated.

What does it all mean for Yahoo?

The company has made a move to ensure it remains a force within the Internet marketing industry. Native advertising has all the potential to become a dominant means of selling products and creating recognizable brands.

Consumers of today look to the Internet for information. They have little patience with commercials that interrupt their web searches. Yahoo Brightroll Exchange is a chance for content providers to engage in marketing campaigns that will not turn off readers.

Marketing guru David Ogilvy once said that, “What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.” Well, this thinking may still be true; however, today, more than ever, sellers must remain cognizant of the format of their pitches. Native ads that appear to be just another publication by the original content provider could just become the primary means to reach customers.

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