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Math Now Available as Custom Columns in AdWords

by Brian Colling - February 22, 2016

Math Now Available as Custom Columns in AdWords

Google AdWords is a dynamic tool for maximizing website traffic and clicks to specific web pages. It is especially useful for driving traffic to e-commerce sites, making the public aware of products and ultimately assisting with more online sales, leads and overall conversions of whatever product or service you have.

Google AdWords has evolved quite a bit since its inception and launch in 2000. Google is regularly adding features that allow users to make the most of the experience and get the best value from their advertising dollar. That’s exactly what Google did on January 26th.

Custom Formulas Enhance Custom Columns

One of the most recent Google AdWords addition is the Custom Columns feature, which was added right around the start of 2015. This feature enables users to segment any existing result metrics into Google AdWords’ interface reporting. While this added feature was useful, Custom Columns has been further augmented by a new add-on: Custom Formulas.

With this additional function of the ability to build formulas, said formulas may now be applied related to metrics that are established within the Custom Columns interface. The result is even more insights into your Google Adwords campaign.

Custom Formulas function in the following manner:

To view and understand click percentage received via users on mobile devices, the user would have to make a Custom Column dividing mobile clicks by the grand total of clicks received in the campaign.

Vendors wishing to determine total profit per sale on their products must ensure their conversion value column is effective in tracking revenue. To accomplish this, a Custom Column could be created by multiplying the conversion value by the profit percentage made by each sale. The column could be given a title related to estimated profits.

For agencies, the addition of a markup or margin column can be useful. For others, mobile conversion percentages or mobile click share can be some additional columns not currently offered by Adwords but through this new feature can be viewed.

Getting Even More From Google AdWords

Custom Columns are adding more convenience and functionality to Google AdWords than ever before. They are highly flexible and intuitive, as are many features within the Google AdWords interface. They can be charted, sorted, exported and filtered for even more data to analyze.

The newest addition to the Google Adwords platform allows custom columns to contain math formulas which extend the data you can analyze about any of your accounts. This is a very useful addition because slicing, dicing, and crunching numbers is a big part of managing an Adwords account. This new feature will surely allow you to analyze your data more efficiently and manage your accounts in greater detail.

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