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Target Lookalike Audiences On Google Using CRM Data

by Brian Colling - December 07, 2015

Target Lookalike Audiences On Google Using CRM Data

As you know, targeting is vital to the success of a marketing plan. Generally, the more targeted an advertising campaign is, the more successful the campaign will be with the intended audience. Google has recently made some changes that make targeting an ideal audience easier for advertisers. This change emphasizes the importance of collecting email addresses from potential customers for advertising campaigns.

What is Customer Match?

Google announced the Customer Match on September 28, 2015.  Advertisers can use the email addresses of customers to find other people who are similar to these customers in terms of both demographics and interests. Marketers can use Customer Match to target users on Gmail, Google Search, and even YouTube. Not only will Customer Match benefit marketers by making advertising campaigns that much easier, but Customer Match will also benefit the users by ensuring they are targeted for advertisements that are relevant to them and their interests. Users will likely be interested in the products and services offered, making Customer Match a win-win for the advertisers and users.

How Does Customer Match Work?

In order to begin using the Customer Match feature, the advertiser has to upload a spreadsheet of the email addresses of current or potential customers. These email addresses can actually be matched to users who are signed in to Google. Once the advertiser has uploaded a list of these email addresses, the advertiser can make campaigns. These campaigns will be targeted to these people as well as other similar people. As you can see, the Customer Match will make targeting specific audiences far easier for advertisers.

While this does sound innovative, Google is technically late to the game. Google’s rivals, Facebook and Twitter, already use some form of email address targeting. However, Google is still expected to bring new features and developments to email address targeting, despite its late start. New features are expected to be released in the future after all advertisers have gained access to these new capabilities.

Most consumers, especially those online, would agree that the relevance and timing of a message have a huge impact on a brand’s image. Therefore, advertisers should not take the power of targeted marketing lightly. On the contrary, targeting should be one of the important factors in a marketing campaign, and Customer Match will likely make things that much easier for advertisers.

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