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8 Ways You Can Use Facebook Local Awareness Ads

by Brian Colling - December 14, 2015

8 Tips for Using Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach targeted demographics. Some businesses use Facebook targeting to advertise products on a national or international level. For others, the local approach is more appropriate for their business. These entrepreneurs may want to corner the market in a certain city, suburb, or neighborhood and Facebook has made doing so easier through local awareness ads.

The big draw to Facebook advertising is the ability to target people in unique ways. Facebook’s recently released local awareness ads have been a huge hit for local businesses and below are 8 tips on how to use this targeting to move your marketing needle forward.

1. Give Directions

People need to know how to get to a location. Users click the “Get Directions” button to enter their data and learn how to arrive at the advertised site. This feature is most effective with those within a reasonable range. These potential clients and customers are highly likely to find themselves driving, riding, walking or biking to the mentioned location.

2. Call Now

Likewise, advertisers can place a “Call Now” button to compel Facebook users to take immediate action. Rather than allowing them time to forget about making a purchase, the presence of the “Call Now” feature gets people involved now.

3. Focus on Specific Stores

Even large chains can use local awareness advertisements. Some use the strategy to focus Facebook users’ attention on specific stores in their area.

4. Grand Opening

When there is a new location opening, owners can raise awareness with local Facebook advertisements. Timing is of the essence. Entrepreneurs should give the reader time to arrive for the opening while maintaining some degree of immediacy.

5. Reach the Right People

Local Facebook advertisements can also target specific people at a unique time. These are the right people for a product. Those who are in the area, able to travel to the location and likely to do so.

6. It is Going on Right Now

Developers have ensured that local awareness advertisements are easy and quick to create. This practicality allows businesses to send out advertisements at the last minute. For example, bars and restaurants can post about their ongoing happy hours, getting those who need a drink or something to eat to stop by.

7. Get Users to Contribute

Building buzz about a business often entails proving that others find it worth patronizing. Facebook local advertisements that ask people to upload their own photos and videos, captured at the business, can do wonders in spreading the word.

8. Local Promotions

Having sales in effect in only certain areas can prove difficult for national or regional chains. However, a Facebook local awareness advertisement targeting those in a particular radius can solve the problem.

Get Started Now

Those businesses who want to target particular demographics should consider creating their own Facebook local awareness advertisements today. The new age of marketing is upon us.

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