Advertising Strategies

Solid advertising strategies are roadmaps to growing businesses.

Consistent messaging across all marketing channels creates better advertising results.

Defining the Product or Service

Before developing plans and advertising strategies, we'll make sure we understand what your company is offering to its customers.

Understanding the Target Audience

We'll research various factors in understanding your target audience - demographics, psychographics, buying behavior, etc.

Setting Campaign Goals

We'll help you set up SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic & Time-bound) goals, critical to campaign success.

Developing a Marketing Plan

Our team will develop marketing communications strategies, media tactics, and messaging for each campaign.

Executing Campaigns

We'll execute the marketing plan across a mix of media channels for maximum impact.

Data Tracking and Data Analytics

Available online and offline customer behavior is tracked, sorted, and presented in regular reports.

Professional Recommendations

Based on campaign reports, our data analytics team will make professional recommendations on campaign improvements.

Test, Analyze, Optimize

To keep all marketing campaigns producing desired results, we'll continue to test, analyze, and optimize (TAO).

A Proven System for Better Advertising Results

We've found most companies struggle in three marketing areas - Lead Acquisition or Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and making better Decisions with Data.

So, we came up with an marketing system to help companies receive more leads, convert more leads into sales, and make more confident advertising decisions. Its a proven process helping our clients reach goals, hit key milestones, and achieve business growth.

We're confident our marketing and advertising system can work for your business too.


Partner with an Experienced Advertising Agency

Over the last ten years, Colling Media has been helping companies get better advertising results through innovative advertising strategies. We've developed, implemented, and optimized award-winning campaigns for companies in higher education, retail, home services, transportation, healthcare, customer service, special events, e-commerce, and for law firms and political campaigns.

As a full-service agency, our advertising strategies include Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Traditional Media Buying, Paid Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Organic Social Media, and Data Tracking & Data Analytics.

Colling Media can help you create advertising strategies for establishing your brand, getting existing customers to buy more, bringing in new customers (lead generation), improve customer loyalty, increasing market share, introducing a new product or service, retaining existing profitable customers, and more.

If you're  a one-man marketing band, an entrepreneur doing it all, or running an overworked marketing team, schedule a free advertising consultation now. Let's get your running your business instead of being run by it.

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