TV Advertising

Strategy, creative, planning, and buying - the beginning of what we put into every TV buy

Over 239 million people watch TV every day.


From Local News to the hottest primetime shows, mass audiences are watching broadcast television. Advertisers have found great success with our agency’s 45 years combined media buying experience.


Cable’s wide array of programming and top rated shows combined with geographic & demographic targeting makes it an effective advertising channel. We know cable advertising like the cable guy knows cable.


From media selection, creative, tracking, and full media delivery, Colling Media will execute your next media campaign with streamline precision.

National and Local

From zip code targeting to National TV buying, we have over 45 years of experience helping companies grow with TV Advertising. Colling Media is a leader in Local & National TV Advertising.

Expecting better results from your TV advertising campaigns?

Why use TV advertising?

Sight, sound, motion, and emotion. These are all aspects of what makes putting your brand on TV one of the most effective ways to build loyalty and credibility. With a variety of networks and niche programs available, the ability to target your potential consumer has never been easier. Quality production combined with an effective media buying strategy ensures your message will resonate with viewers.

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