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Facebook Launches Video Storytelling

by Brian Colling - March 28, 2016

Video Storytelling on Facebook

Facebook recently announced that its active advertisers have eclipsed the three million mark. It took the uber-popular social media giant merely six months to add half a million more advertisers to make the leap from two and a half million to three million. According to Facebook founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg, there are more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook pages on its social networking site.

Facebook’s Video Storytelling Tool

When Facebook announced that it reached three million active advertisers, it also debuted its brand new video storytelling tool that it has dubbed, “Your Business Story”. Facebook executives believe that businesses of all varieties will use Your Business Story to promote products and services. Furthermore, this new marketing tool also serves to explain company origins to develop a rapport with prospective customers.

The Advantage of Your Business Story

According to Facebook representatives, Your Business Story simplifies the video creation process to help companies show potential customers exactly how their products and/or services can improve their lives.  After all, each business has its own unique story. Using Facebook’s Your Business Story to explain each company’s background, mission, and ability to serve customers appears to be quite an effective way of developing connections with prospective customers who use the social networking site.

Why Facebook Believes Your Business Story is So Important

Though users are able to create whatever type of promotional video they would like with this powerful new marketing tool, Facebook advises them to use the platform to explain what their business brings to the masses. Facebook is touting the tool as a means of presenting each company’s unique narrative that explains its origins, progression, and accomplishments. According to Facebook, Your Business Story is more than merely a means of advertising business products and services. The company is adamant that Your Business Story empowers businesses to celebrate their company’s idiosyncratic story, background, and plans for the future.

How Your Business Story Works

Anyone who manages or markets a business will find that Facebook’s Your Video Story advertising tool is quite easy to use. Interested parties can check out the video creation process and find instructions to create their own Your Video Story. It only takes a few steps to build an effective video that sparks customer/client interest in a business’s products or services. Interested parties can also view sample videos on the previously linked website to boot.

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