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What You Need to Know About Facebook Ad Manager’s 2020 Changes

by Brian Colling - December 05, 2019

What You Need to Know About Facebook Ad Manager’s 2020 Changes

Properly utilizing the Facebook platform is wise for every business. After all, there are an estimated 1.59 billion daily users, which represents a vast amount of potential customers. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through Facebook Ads Manager, one of the most effective pay-per-click (PPC) tools available. The ad system, in general, is versatile, innovative, and engaging. Every business needs to stay abreast of changes to the platform.

Facebook Ad Manager 2020

Changes in How Many Ads Can Run At Once

One expected change Facebook is making involves updates to the Graph and Marketing API. This, in essence, will limit the number of ads seen on a Facebook page at one time. Facebook announced the following regarding upcoming changes to the number of ads a business can run simultaneously:

“In mid-2020, we are implementing a limit on the number of ads each page can run at the same time. The ad limits will impact just a small percentage of advertisers, and we plan to share more details about the limits early next year.”

Admittedly, this change seems almost counterintuitive. Why would Facebook restrict its own revenue-earning potential by limiting what businesses can spend on ads? The reason given is ad quality over ad quantity. Resulting from Facebook data analysis, too many ads from one business running at once affect overall ad performance.

Facebook’s profits may decrease, in the short term, if they indiscriminately run high volumes of ads. Since Facebook wants to focus on high-performing ads, it must reduce the number of poor-performing ads. More details on impacted companies will be announced in the new year. It’s important to remember, Facebook indicates ad limits will not affect all businesses. A new feature of Facebook Ads Manager called the Ad Volume API will notify if ad limitations have been placed on an ad account.

Changes to Various Metrics, Removing 10-Second Video Clips

Another change to Facebook Ads Manager is the removal of 10-second video view metrics. This also includes removing the unique 10-second video views and cost per 10-second video view. If your video is 15 seconds or shorter, only views to completion are counted in a new feature called ThruPlay. Facebook is also renaming 11 of its video view metrics, which communicate the details about each video. As Facebook noted, the changes were designed “to make the names clearer and more consistent.”

Changes to The Business Messenger System

Another notable and helpful change implemented by Facebook Ads Manager is a new version of Messenger Graph API. These modifications primarily include three features coming together to help businesses create a better connection with customers.

Simplify the Connection Process: Facebook Ads Manager is working to help businesses with multiple apps connecting on the manager platform. The basic purpose of this change is to make it easier for businesses to utilize the “click to messenger” ad option.

Icebreaker Option: Just as the description implies, this change will be an icebreaker of sorts, designed to initiate and encourage ongoing conversation between users and businesses. This feature even allows the use of automated replies to various questions that will answer frequently asked questions, saving both customers and businesses time and effort.

User Reaction: This feature allows users to indicate which message they are responding to within the conversation stream. Businesses to easily respond without having to search back through previous conversations, saving them valuable time.

The changes to the messenger system of Facebook Ads Manager are not groundbreaking, but they are designed to help businesses better utilize the system to connect to their customers more effectively than before. In addition, these changes are specifically designed to address certain pain points of the messenger system since its inception.

Recent Updates to Facebook Ads Manager  

Changes have already been implemented within the Facebook Ads Manager tool worth noting, in addition to the upcoming changes listed above.

Updating Standardized Navigation: This change impacts how users navigate ads, ad sets, and campaigns. The navigation is now standardized and situated on the left of the sidebar. It can also be collapsed or expanded.

Integrating Search and Filter Bar: Recent changes have also made it easier to search for various data. Now, when a word is entered into the search bar of a Facebook Ads Manager account, businesses will be presented with some options, which make it easier to find what they want via the search and filter bar.

Nested Campaign View: This feature allows businesses to navigate ads from the top level of the dashboard. There is an arrow next to each of the campaigns, revealing the ads and their contents. Monitoring campaign performance and making any desired changes is quicker and more efficient.

Enjoying Facebook Ad Manager Changes

Facebook Ads Manager is a valuable platform for reaching a wide range of consumers with ads. Now is the time to utilize this incredibly helpful and evolving tool. The upcoming changes are making Facebook Ads Manager user-friendly.

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