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Driving student enrollment and student starts with targeted higher education marketing campaigns.

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Sheila Smiley

Midwest Technical Institute

Colling Media has been a significant part of our marketing growth since we began working with them. They have helped us lower our CPLs, increase lead volume, and optimize across various digital channels between our 6 campuses. They consistently work to improve campaigns through innovative strategies to provide our admissions team with high-quality leads.

Dylan Marsh

StrataTech Education Group - RSI & Tulsa Welding School

Colling Media has been an integral part of StrataTech Education Group’s growth. They've blended their education industry knowledge with lead generation experience to drive down our cost per lead, cost per enrollment, and cost per start. Colling has exceeded our expectations and I recommend reaching out to them for insights into your school’s lead generation.

Student Buyer Persona + Admissions Funnel Workshop

Colling Media helps your admissions and marketing team speak the same language to your potential students and their influencers. Our team defines and creates student buyer personas and builds a custom admissions funnel moving more qualified student leads into enrollments.  Your new admissions funnel keeps your admissions and marketing teams acting on the same numbers.

We understand admissions funnels

Our work in education marketing has provided us with a unique perspective on the admissions process.  Although each school has a slightly different admissions process and may use different terms, most admissions funnels have common conversion points. Our team understands how to find these conversion points and how marketing can support them.

Admissions funnels reveal key data points for marketing directors to use when making campaign and messaging changes. Mapping admissions funnel conversion points allow marketing directors to see where help is needed most.

An advanced admissions funnel reveals:

  • Admissions speed-to-lead metric(s)
  • New Inquiry to Contacted %
  • Contacted Inquiry to Interview Scheduled %
  • Interview Show %
  • Interview to Enroll %
  • Enroll to Program Start %
  • New Inquiry to Enrollment %
  • Contacted Inquiry to Enrollment %

Education Marketing Solution


Colling Media has a proven education marketing strategy for student recruitment. Because enrollments lag behind marketing spend by weeks and many times lag behind by months, our education marketing plan expand to address three key areas for converting inquiries into enrollments: inquiry acquisition, inquiry nurturing, and inquiry conversion.

Our inquiry acquisition system drives what we call "branded leads" to your admissions teams. Branded leads are earned from our online/digital and offline marketing tactics and exclusive to your school. Colling Media is not a marketing affiliate who buys, sells, or shares inquiries with third parties.

For many inquiries, the decision to enroll and commit to an education program will be made later. For these inquiries, our nurturing system keeps your school top-of-mind and relevant when decision time comes. For inquiries who are in the decision stage, our marketing looks for these signals and delivers them back to your admissions team. Circling each area is comprehensive data analytics revealing direction for optimizing campaigns.

Education Marketing Results

Predicting Enrollments from Facebook Paid Social Media Campaigns with 97% Accuracy

StrataTech Education Group Logo

Getting a handle on how social media marketing directly supports enrollment goals can be difficult. We helped StrataTech Education Group solve this problem and now their marketing team can predict enrollment increases based on Facebook marketing budget adjustments with 97% predictability.

Here's a look at how we cracked to the code and what StrataTech Education Group is doing with this new information.

Education Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Display Network Advertising

Paid Social Media Advertising

Remarketing and Retargeting

Mobile Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

TV Advertising

Radio Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Conversion Optimization

Reasons Your School Should Partner with Us

  • You're a One-(Wo)Man-Marketing Band.
  • Your marketing team is stretched too thin.
  • You spend too much time on tactics & not enough on strategy.
  • Your inquiry volume and inquiry conversion are inconsistent.
  • You're getting an inconsistent cost-per-lead (CPL).
  • You're not sure where your admissions funnel is losing students.
  • You're trying to get your arms around your school's marketing data.
  • Your new President is pushing for changes in the school's marketing.

Better Advertising Results for Schools

Colling Media was honored with a 2018 Phoenix American Marketing Association Spectrum Award for Paid Social Media campaigns run for the StrataTech Education Group.

Colling Media AMA Phoenix 2018

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