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Google Search Results in TikTok Search, Prime Video Ads & SuperBowl Ad Talks

by Colling Media - September 29, 2023

Google Search Results in TikTok Search, Prime Video Ads & SuperBowl Ad Talks

Google Search Results Appears on TikTok

Some TikTok users are seeing Google search results when using the search function. It’s another strategic step as ByteDance seeks to make TikTok in an “everything” app like China’s Weibo. Google and TikTok have been relatively quiet about this new feature, but it does beg the question of who will own the inventory. Will advertisers be able to place ads in TikTok search via Google Ads like they can with other “search partners”?

Amazon Integrates Ads into Prime Video

Amazon announced it will integrate ads into Prime Video early next year and offer a “ad-free” option for an extra $2.99/month giving them an ad-free and an ad-supported package. Advertisers should pay attention over the coming months to find out how to access that inventory, and it leaves Apple TV+ as the only major streaming service without ads, could they be next?

Super Bowl Advertising Strategies

The NFL season is only three weeks old, and the Super Bowl conversation has already started. CBS is broadcasting this year’s big game and announced a new platform via Paramount Advertising to help brands connect with athletes and influencers to create campaigns around Super Bowl 58. Prices for in-game spots have kept many brands on the sidelines. This new platform could open the door to advertisers, particularly with the growing second-screen market for sports viewership.

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