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Case Study: Tri-State Motor Transport, The 5k Bet Strategy

by Colling Media - May 30, 2024


In the competitive and ever-evolving trucking industry, the challenge of driver shortage looms large, impacting the operational capacity of many companies. Tri-State Motor Transport, specializing in the transportation of hazardous materials, recognized the need to differentiate itself and attract experienced drivers in an industry struggling to fill its ranks.

Situation Analysis

With the industry at large facing a driver shortage, trucking companies are increasingly focusing on innovative recruitment strategies. Programs designed to help aspirants earn their commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) are common, yet they often fail to address the needs and concerns of experienced drivers looking for better opportunities. Tri-State sought to stand out by not just promising more, but by making a bold bet on it.

The Tri-State 5k Bet Strategy

The core of Tri-State’s campaign was a unique value proposition turned into a compelling bet: experienced drivers would definitely earn more with Tri-State. To back this claim, the company introduced the 5k Bet Strategy—promising drivers that if they didn’t make more money after six months with Tri-State compared to their previous job, they would receive $5,000.


This innovative approach was promoted through a multi-channel marketing campaign focusing on:

Paid Social Campaigns: Targeting experienced drivers with tailored messaging, highlighting the 5k Bet Strategy.

Paid Search Campaigns: Leveraging search engines to capture the attention of drivers actively seeking better opportunities.

Landing Page Optimization: Designing a specific landing page to detail the bet, facilitate sign-ups, and effectively track conversions.


The 5k Bet Strategy campaign delivered impressive results across the board:

Lead Volume: A significant 41% increase in leads generated through paid social campaigns.

Click-Through Rate: Paid search campaigns experienced a 157% surge in click-through rate, indicating highly effective targeting and messaging.

On-Page Conversion Rate: The landing page saw a 47% improvement in conversion rate, demonstrating its effectiveness in convincing candidates of the bet’s value.

The strategy not only decreased the cost per hire—a critical KPI for Tri-State’s marketing spend—but also showcased the company’s confidence in its offering. As a result of consistently winning the bet, thanks to its competitive pay scale, Tri-State was able to double the stakes to $10,000, further enhancing its appeal and the efficiency of its recruitment marketing budget.


Tri-State Motor Transport’s 5k Bet Strategy is a testament to the power of innovative marketing in solving industry-wide challenges. By turning a traditional value proposition into a compelling and tangible offer, Tri-State not only distinguished itself in a crowded market but also significantly improved its recruitment metrics. This case study exemplifies how thinking outside the box and putting trust in your company’s strengths can lead to remarkable outcomes in both marketing and recruitment efforts.

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