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Liquid Death Marketing Strategy: What Marketers Can Learn

by Colling Media - September 13, 2023

What Marketers Can Learn from Liquid Death’s Marketing Strategy

In the bottled water industry, where purity and tranquility are often the primary selling points, Liquid Death is a brand that defies all the rules of marketing. With its audacious branding and marketing strategies, Liquid Death has quickly become a favorite among young adults. But what can marketers learn from this unconventional Liquid Death marketing strategy? Let’s explore.

The Unconventional Branding of Liquid Death

Liquid Death’s branding is a far cry from the serene landscapes and crystal-clear waters that adorn most bottled water packaging. Instead, the brand opts for a skull and crossbones logo, a direct nod to the pirate aesthetic that permeates its marketing materials. Accompanying this are phrases like “Murder Your Thirst” and “Death to Plastic,” designed to be attention-grabbing and resonate with the brand’s target audience’s sense of humor.

Example: Liquid Death’s website features a video of a man drinking their water and then vomiting. This shock value is not just for show; it’s a calculated move to make the brand memorable.

What Marketers Can Learn

Break the Mold: Traditional branding norms can be broken to create a unique identity. The key is to understand your target audience deeply and to craft a brand image that resonates with them.

Be Bold: Don’t be afraid to use bold imagery or language if it aligns with your brand’s ethos and target audience.

Consistency is Key: Ensure that your branding is consistent across all platforms, from packaging to digital media.

Liquid Death’s Marketing Strategy: A Symphony of Shock and Awe

Liquid Death’s marketing campaigns are as unconventional as its branding. The brand has formed partnerships with extreme sports athletes like Travis Pastrana and musicians such as Machine Gun Kelly to appeal to its target audience’s thirst for excitement and adventure.

Example: The “Murder Your Thirst” campaign featured a video similar to the one on their website, while the Steve-O voodoo doll campaign allowed people to purchase a voodoo doll of Steve-O to “sacrifice” and quench their thirst.

What Marketers Can Learn

Targeted Partnerships: Form strategic partnerships that resonate with your target audience.

Controversial Yet Calculated: Controversial marketing can be effective if it aligns with the brand’s ethos and target audience.

Measure and Adapt: Always measure the impact of your campaigns. If something is not working, be agile enough to adapt.

Understanding Liquid Death’s Target Audience

Liquid Death’s target audience comprises young adults seeking an alternative to traditional bottled water. This audience values uniqueness and the ability to stand out from the crowd. They are also drawn to the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Example: Liquid Death’s water is sourced from the pristine Sierra Nevada Mountains, appealing to an audience interested in health and wellness.

What Marketers Can Learn

Know Your Audience: Deeply understanding your target audience’s values can guide your marketing strategies.

Align with Values: If your product aligns with social or environmental causes, make that a selling point.

Be Authentic: Authenticity resonates. Don’t try to be something your brand is not.

What Lies Ahead for the Liquid Death Marketing Strategy?

Liquid Death is a young brand but has already made significant strides. They plan to expand their product line beyond water, with canned cocktails already on the market and rumors of a line of energy drinks in the pipeline.

What Marketers Can Learn

Innovate: Being willing to innovate and take calculated risks can set a brand apart from its competitors.

Expand Thoughtfully: When expanding your product line, ensure it aligns with your brand’s core values and target audience.

Additional Liquid Death Marketing Strategies to Consider

Social Media Presence: Liquid Death has a robust social media presence, using humor and shock value to engage with its followers. Check out the “Better Than Back Sweat” campaign.

Environmental Impact: The brand uses aluminum cans, which are more recyclable than plastic bottles.

Handling Critics: Some have criticized Liquid Death’s marketing as too edgy or offensive. However, the brand defends its approach as a reflection of its target audience’s values.

What Marketers Can Learn

Engage, Don’t Just Broadcast: Use social media to engage with your audience, not just to push your products.

Social Responsibility: Incorporate social responsibility into your business model; it can be a strong selling point.

Transparency: Be transparent in how you handle criticism. It can turn potential negatives into positives.


Liquid Death is a brand that’s not afraid to take risks and go against the grain. Its audacious approach to branding and marketing has not only helped it stand out but also built a loyal customer base. Marketers can learn a lot from Liquid Death’s willingness to break the norms, its deep understanding of its target audience, and its commitment to social responsibility. If you are so bold as to adopt a Liquid Death marketing strategy, you too can become an envied brand.


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