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Amazon to Offer Home Insurance, X Allows Political Ads & Google’s New Features

by Colling Media - September 08, 2023

Amazon to Offer Home Insurance, X Allows Political Ads & Google’s New Features

Amazon Promotes Home Insurance Marketplace

In a bid to handle even more transactions across the US economy, Amazon has started promoting a home insurance marketplace. After what again did to bookstores, should insurance brokers be nervous? And if Jeff Bezos wants to make an “everything” app, like Elon Musk with X, maybe someone should tell them TikTok is beating them to it.

X To Allow Political Ads

Speaking of X, the platform formerly known as Twitter announced they will begin allowing political ads for the first time since 2019, just in time to cash in on the 2024 election cycle. After all the recent cost cutting, this could be the revenue boost needed to make the platform sustainably profitable.

Google Unleashes New Features Looking Towards AI

Fresh on the heels of reducing the impact of FAQs in rich results, Google has decided to bury links in it’s AI generated search responses behind a click. While these two updates are likely to cause a reduction in organic traffic, they are also testing out a new “mentioned in” feature that could increase the impact of PR and traditional backlinks.

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