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Case Study: Pita Jungle Achieves +151% Organic Social Media Impressions

by Colling Media - April 05, 2024

Case Study: Pita Jungle Achieves +151% Organic Social Media Impressions


Pita Jungle aimed to increase its social media impressions to reach more customers. Colling Media stepped in to help by updating Pita Jungle’s approach to posting on Instagram and Facebook.


10% increase in social media impressions for Pita Jungle in 2023.


After researching, Colling Media found that Pita Jungle followers respond to posts with clear, close-up, appealing food pictures and real people. Based on this, the strategy included:

  • Specific Photos: Close-up shots of the food and include people in the images.
  • Fewer Sales Links: Cut down on the number of direct sales links in the posts to make them feel more genuine and less like ads.
  • Varied Content: Mix up the posts to cover more than just food, including stories about the restaurant’s values and community activities.


  • Facebook: Impressions went up by 22.6%.
  • Instagram: Impressions soared by 151%.


By focusing on quality photos and reducing sales-heavy content, Colling Media helped Pita Jungle significantly surpass its goal of increasing social media impressions. This project showed that understanding and adapting to what the audience likes to see can lead to great results in social media engagement.

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