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Adobe AI For Ad Campaigns, Reels Take Over Instagram & New Meta Lawsuit

by Colling Media - April 04, 2024

Adobe AI For Ad Campaigns, Reels Take Over Instagram & New Meta Lawsuit

Adobe Unveils AI Creator for Ad Campaigns

First up, get ready for AI-powered ad campaigns! Adobe just unveiled an AI content creator specifically designed for ads. This could be a game-changer for mid-sized companies, allowing you to create high-quality ad creatives more efficiently and cost-effectively. Keep an eye out for similar AI tools hitting the market.

Instagram Introduces “Blend” to Reels

Next, Instagram is testing a new feature called “Blend”, creating personalized Reels feeds for you and a friend, making it easier to discover new content together. Since Reels is its competitor to TikTok, the update shows Instagram’s focus on boosting user engagement.  If your target audience hangs out on Instagram, consider incorporating more Reels into your social media strategy.

Advertisers Sue Meta Over Inflating Ad Viewership

Finally, a cautionary tale. Meta is facing a lawsuit from advertisers who are accusing them of inflating ad viewership numbers by a whopping 400%!  The lawsuit highlights a critical issue: ad platform transparency.  Advertisers need reliable data to know ads are reaching real people.  Marketers should consider diversifying media spend across multiple channels to mitigate risk and ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

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