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‘Shop Talk’ Podcast Offers Actionable Insights for Marketing Directors and CMOs

by Colling Media - October 16, 2023

‘Shop Talk’: The Marketing Podcast For Marketing Geeks Made By Marketing Geeks

At Colling Media, our mission is to help people succeed through better advertising results. And what better way to do that than by sharing valuable insights and strategies directly from the minds of our industry experts? We are thrilled to announce the release of ‘Shop Talk‘, our brand-new podcast hosted by Colling Media President Doug Campbell.

About the Podcast

Shop Talk‘ is the marketing podcast for marketing geeks, made by marketing geeks, and is your go-to resource for breaking down trending advertising topics and what they mean for today’s marketing directors and CMOs.

‘Shop Talk’ episodes are served in compacted 10 to 15-minute segments monthly.

Alongside offering a deeper understanding of the Colling Media brand and advertising trends, marketers get an exclusive feel for day-to-day agency life.

First Episode Highlights: The Future is OTT

In our inaugural episode, Colling Media Chief Digital Officer Jordan Schuster joins Doug Campbell to break down Over-The-Top Advertising (OTT) and Connected Television, an area of growing importance in digital advertising. 

Campbell and Schuster dissect the differences between OTT and linear television, emphasizing the benefits of trackability, measurement, and the effectiveness of advertising in this new medium.

With the shift from traditional cable to streaming services, Jordan discusses how OTT provides advertisers with granular control in targeting specific audiences. The episode delves into the “how” and “why” of OTT advertising, giving actionable insights for brands looking to shift advertising dollars to improve ROI.

Where to Watch and Listen

What’s Coming Up on ‘Shop Talk’?

Upcoming episodes feature in-depth discussions on various aspects of advertising and marketing aimed at delivering actionable insights to help drive better results for your business. With a robust lineup of experts and topics already in the pipeline, ‘Shop Talk’ is a must-add to your list of marketing resources.

Feel free to subscribe, share, and provide feedback. If you’d like to be a guest on an episode of ‘Shop Talk’, contact us today.

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