Google Ads Data Manager Announced

Google announced its new Google Ads Data Manager. With third-party cookies going away – eventually – Google is launching a new tool to help advertisers manage first-party data. The tool could have a big impact on targeting and tracking. Historically, Google has had trouble matching first-party data, so the big question is if this will help advertisers create targeting and lookalike audiences.

Shopper Behavior Data for 2023 Holidays

Shopify and Gallup conducted a holiday shopping poll indicating consumers are geared up for a solid season of giving – and buying. 74% of consumers are planning to spend the same amount or more on holiday shopping this year compared to last year. Gen-Z leads the way with 37% looking to spend more, and 48% saying shopping will start even earlier this year.

Reddit Users Make an Impact on Media

Reddit research on its users indicates a strong impact on media and entertainment consumption. 62% of Reddit users seek exclusive movie and show updates and 44% have purchased movie tickets based on Reddit recommendations. That’s real-world impact on consumer behavior. Finding ways to participate in, and encourage these conversations, should be a priority for marketers in 2024.

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