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Gen-Z Consumer Behavior, Global Ad Spend to See 1 Trillion, Trade Desk Expansion

by Colling Media - September 01, 2023

Gen-Z Consumer Behavior, Global Ad Spend to See 1 Trillion, Trade Desk Expansion

Gen Z is becoming marketers’ favorite consumers set, 2024 global ad spend approaches 1 trillion, and the trade desk adds consumer shopping behavior – on this week’s Marketing Minute.

Gen-Z is Becoming Advertisers Favorite Demographic

A new study shows that Gen Z is much more likely to allow ad tracking and appreciates personalized content. It’s great news for marketers who know the value and use targeted ads. TikTok is the go-to for Gen Z product discovery, and influencers attribute nearly 75% of purchase decisions. Making it an excellent time to rethink your influencer strategy.

Global Ad Spend to Eclipse $1 Trillion in 2024

Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Bytedance, which owns TikTok, and Meta are predicted to attract more than half of the estimated $1 trillion in global ad spend next year. Marketers will need to be more strategic as the competition for consumer attention is becoming increasingly fierce.

The Trade Desk Partners With TokoPedia

Trade Desk launched a partnership with Tokopedia to share consumer shopping behavior for targeting and measurement. While Tokopedia’s audience is primarily limited to Indonesia, this is a trend to keep an eye on as advertisers move toward the cookieless future of programmatic e-commerce advertising.

Rethinking Your Influencer Strategy

As Gen-Z emerges as an important consumer set, being in touch with their purchasing behaviors will become a critical component of your business’s strategy. Colling Media is a leader in helping businesses understand the power of influencers to expand their brand and attract customers. Contact us to discover new ways we can help your company accomplish its specific mission and goals.

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