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Streaming Trumps Traditional TV, Barbie’s Box Office Win, Google’s Beta Launch of Demand Gen Types

by Colling Media - August 25, 2023

Streaming Trumps Traditional TV, Barbie’s Box Office Win, Google’s Beta Launch of Demand Gen Types

Traditional TV continues to decline, Barbie marketing drives massive box office and Google launches new beta on this week’s marketing minute

Traditional TV’s Decline Opens Opportunities for Programmatic OTT

Nielsen reports that broadcast and paid TV dropped below 50% for the first time ever in July. Streaming is now the largest category, but it is incredibly fragmented between major players like Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and others making programmatic OTT the best option to reach your audience. Meanwhile, streamers struggling to reach profitability are likely to drive revenue by opening up more advertising inventory.

Barbie Shows the Power of Immersive Experiences for Brands

The Barbie movie passed 1.2 billion dollars in box office revenue, passing The Dark Knight as the largest domestic film for Warner Brothers and hot on the heels of the final Harry Potter film for worldwide box office. The marketing juggernaut showed the importance of immersive experiences, like the Barbie Selfie Generator, and product tie-ins, which represent opportunities for brands looking to hitch their wagon to Hollywood blockbusters.

Google Expands Demand Gen Campaign Type

Google is expanding its new demand gen campaign type, taking existing Discovery campaigns and adding YouTube shorts inventory, video ads, and lookalike targeting capabilities. Advertisers can sign up for the beta now, with the new campaign type available to the general public this October.

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