This week, Google announced a delay in phasing out third-party cookies. While this buys us more time to prepare, the cookieless future is inevitable. Marketers should prioritize exploring cookieless targeting solutions now to ensure a smooth transition  when the time comes.

Meta’s AI is Causing Issues for Advertisers

Meta’s Advantage Plus AI tool is causing issues for advertisers, leading to inflated costs and mismatched targeting.  If you’re using Advantage Plus, closely monitor campaign performance. To mitigate these issues, consider diversifying your Meta ad strategy in the meantime.

U.S. Signs Law Forcing Sale of TikTok

The US signed a new law forcing the sale of TikTok. Advertisers shouldn’t panic because either Bytedance will sell, or the law will get thrown out by the courts. Either way, it will likely take a year – or more – to resolve, and this is an opportunity to explore alternative platforms like Reels and YouTube Shorts to diversify your reach and ensure you’re not reliant on any single platform.

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