Google has just rolled out 6 new AI features for Performance Max, aiming to optimize advertising efficiency across its various platforms. This upgrade means marketers can expect more precise targeting and enhanced campaign performance, particularly in multi-touch campaigns spanning YouTube, Google Display Network and Search. This is an opportunity to reassess your current campaigns and consider how these AI enhancements can be integrated to drive better results.

Instagram Algorithm Change Opens Opportunities for Original Content

Instagram has made significant changes to its algorithm, now promoting smaller accounts and original content more aggressively. This shift provides a unique chance for brands to gain visibility by focusing on creating unique and authentic content. For marketers, it’s time to innovate your content strategies and possibly gain an edge over competitors who are slow to adapt.

LinkedIn Launches In-App Professional Games

Lastly, LinkedIn’s unexpected move—launching in-app professional games. While it may seem unconventional, this feature could offer new ways to engage professionally and add a lighter, more interactive element to the platform. For those involved in employment recruiting and professional networking, exploring these games could provide fresh engagement tactics with your audience.

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