Google Updates Location Asset Guidelines

Google is rolling out updates to its location asset guidelines to help make things “clearer” for advertisers and consumers. Google will now exclude old locations, unrecognized locations, and, importantly for CPG brands running ads to support retailers, it will disallow locations not matching the business running the ad. Location details can be a strong driver of conversions, so advertisers should check location settings to make sure they are ready for the new guidelines.

YouTube Tests Shorts-only Ads

YouTube has been testing campaigns geared solely towards YouTube Shorts. Over the past year or so, advertisers have only been able to place on Shorts inventory as a part of a larger campaign that included other YouTube placements. With the current alpha test wrapping up, advertisers should be on the lookout for opportunities to get in front of the 70 billion views per day that YouTube Shorts has available.

20% of Voters use TikTok Daily

A new poll from NBC shows 20% of US voters use TikTok at least once a day. The audience skews younger, with 41% of the 18 to 24 year-old voters using it daily. With the 2024 election cycle getting into swing, advertisers need to start thinking about a game plan to deal with a large influx of political media dollars next year, especially in battleground states. And if those plans include moving dollars into social media, be aware that TikTok could become a battleground as well, so keep an eye on those KPIs.

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