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New AI Integrations, Google To Allow Blocking AI Bots & Reddit Incentivizes Creators

by Colling Media - October 06, 2023

New AI Integrations, Google To Allow Blocking AI Bots & Reddit Incentivizes Creators

TikTok, Meta, Spotify, and Getty incorporate AI, Google allows sites to block AI bots, and Reddit moves to reward creators on this week’s marketing minute.

AI Power News: TikTok, Meta, Spotify & Getty

TikTok, Meta, Spotify, and Getty Images announced new AI-powered features for their respective platforms. Adoption and integration of new AI tools directly into platforms that marketers use is the next logical step. While many of the new independent AI tools feel like a poorly thought-out flash in the pan, we expect a flurry of M&A activity over the coming months as the AI market consolidates.

Google to Allow Site Owners to Block AI Bots

Google announced a new option for website owners to block entire sites, or specific sections of sites, from Google’s AI bots: Bard and Vertex. Anyone concerned about AI bots scraping content can update robots.txt files. Typically, well-behaved search bots will follow the same rules as the Googlebot. Hopefully, that trend will spill over to this new wave of AI bots.

Reddit Creates Monetization Path for Creators

Reddit joined the party and started to provide a clear path for creators and contributors to earn rewards and money on the platform. It’s struggled to find ways to monetize the site, so perhaps having a thriving economy of micro-payments between users will give it a chance to shore up its bottom line. This system has historically opened up opportunities for brands, so advertisers should pay attention to see how this progresses.

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