TikTok and Meta Announce Ad-Free Packages in the EU

TikTok and Meta announced ad-free packages in the EU, finally catching up to YouTube, which has offered an ad-free package for some time now. This trend should worry advertisers. On the one hand, ad-free packages reduce available inventory for advertisers. On the other, increased spending on subscriptions eats away at consumer’s discretionary budgets.

Nielsen Launches First-Party Ad Measurement on Netflix

Nielsen announced the official launch of measurement of ads on Netflix’s ad-supported package. The data will be provided via Nielsen ONE Ads, and combine first-party data through a partnership with Netflix along with Nielsen’s traditional panels measuring ad views across devices and platforms. As third-party cookies start to go away, this could become an important part of how advertisers measure the effectiveness of digital streaming campaigns.

BASIS Leadership Summit in Chicago Takeaways

BASIS, the third-largest DSP, hosted its Agency Leadership Summit in Chicago where 50 of the best programmatic agencies (including Colling Media) were invited to discuss trends, insights and the future of programmatic advertising. A big topic was the impending demise of third-party cookies, impacting targeting and measurement on all digital platforms. If you want to avoid a drop-off in ad campaign results, you must stay up on development of new user identification tools, like ID5, EUID and others, and continuing generating more first-party data.

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