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TikTok’s SubSpace, Google’s Gemini Grows & Pinterest Teams with Google

by Colling Media - February 14, 2024

TikTok’s SubSpace, Google’s Gemini Grows & Pinterest Teams with Google

TikTok Launches Sub Space

First, TikTok just launched Sub Space, a subscriber-only chat for creators. Sounds familiar, right? Yep, After taking on Instagram, YouTube and Amazon, TikTok is now taking a swing at OnlyFans, offering exclusive content and deeper engagement for paying fans. So, brace yourselves for a potential content creator exodus towards greener pastures.

Google Gemini Shows Early Promise

Speaking of tech titans, Google has thrown down the AI gauntlet with their new LLM, Gemini. Early tests show it’s neck-and-neck with ChatGPT 4. Meanwhile, OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman claims the limiting factor for AI is processing power. But Google, well, they have plenty of that. So, expect to see Gemini make some serious leaps and bounds in the coming months.

Pinterest Joins New Ad Partnership With Google

Rounding out our news, Pinterest is closing in on a massive milestone: 500 million monthly users. And, to celebrate, they’re shaking hands with Google for a new ad partnership. Marketers, take note: that’s half a billion potential customers, but be warned, only a fifth of them reside in the US. So, diversify your strategy before diving in.

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