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Podcast Advertising: Why Marketers Should Be Tuned In

by Colling Media - February 12, 2024

Why Marketers Should Be Tuned In To Podcast Advertising

In an era of soaring digital content consumption, podcasts have emerged as a popular pastime and rising advertising player. With a staggering 12% increase in listenership in the past two years, podcasts are not just a trend; they’re a burgeoning marketplace for savvy marketers, especially in genres like true crime and comedy. Here’s why your brand should include podcast advertising in its marketing mix.

The Podcast Phenomenon

Podcasts are capturing the imagination of millions worldwide. An Infinite Dial 2023 report states that 68 million Americans aged 12+ listen to podcasts weekly, translating to about 26% of the population. 72% of millennials (25-34) listen to podcasts monthly, making it an ideal platform for targeting this key demographic.

Why Podcast Advertising?

Podcast ads offer a unique blend of reach and intimacy. According to a study by Nielsen, 54% of podcast listeners are likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing its advertisement on a podcast. This level of engagement stems from the trust listeners have in podcast hosts, turning each ad read into a personal recommendation.

Leading Podcast Genres

News: Advertisers targeting informed audiences will find a goldmine in news podcasts, where engagement levels soar among listeners keen on current events. The News genre offers a prime opportunity for brands to align with a knowledgeable demographic, emphasizing relevance and thought leadership.

True Crime: With a retention rate outpacing other genres, true crime podcasts present a lucrative advertising avenue. The genre’s dedicated fan base provides a captive audience for targeted marketing campaigns.

Comedy: The lighthearted nature of comedy podcasts makes ads more likely to be received positively. Comedy’s viral nature extends its reach beyond regular listeners.

Demographics and Targeting Precision


12-34: 66% of podcast listeners fall within this age group, showcasing significant popularity among younger audiences. (Source: Edison Research, Infinite Dial 2023)

35-54: 43% of listeners belong to this age group, demonstrating strong engagement across demographics. (Source: Buzzsprout, Podcast Statistics and Data [March 2023])

55+: 22% of listeners are above 55, indicating growing adoption in older generations. (Source: Statista, U.S. Podcasting Industry – statistics & facts)


Men: 46% of podcast listeners are male.

Women: 39% of podcast listeners are female.

(Source: Edison Research, Infinite Dial 2023)


Over 66% of podcast listeners come from households with a yearly income of $75,000 or more. (Source: Buzzsprout, Podcast Statistics and Data [March 2023])


College degree: Over 66% of podcast listeners have a college degree or higher. (Source: Buzzsprout, Podcast Statistics and Data [March 2023])


White: 57% of podcast listeners are white.

African American: 13% of podcast listeners are African American.

Hispanic: 16% of podcast listeners are Hispanic.

Asian: 4% of podcast listeners are Asian.

Other: 10% of podcast listeners come from different ethnicities.

(Source: Buzzsprout, Podcast Statistics and Data [March 2023])


Urban areas: Podcast listenership is higher in urban areas compared to rural areas. (Source: Statista, U.S. Podcasting Industry – statistics & facts)

Additional Podcast Advertising Insights

Listening frequency: About half of listeners in the 18-29 age group and 45% in the 30-49 age group say they listen to podcasts at least a few times a week.

Reasons for listening: Entertainment, learning, and having something to listen to in the background are the top reasons people listen to podcasts.

(Source: Pew Research Center, Podcast use among different age groups)

Podcast Advertising Success Stories

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Brands

Bombas: This sock brand saw a 300% increase in website traffic and a 200% increase in sales after running ads on popular comedy podcasts. (Source: Edison Research, “The Podcast Advertising Playbook,” 2023)

HelloFresh: The meal kit delivery service experienced a 25% increase in subscriptions and a 15% rise in customer lifetime value through targeted podcast ad campaigns. (Source: Marketing Dive, “HelloFresh Doubles Down on Podcast Advertising, Sees Strong ROI”, 2023)

Traditional Brands

Capital One: The financial services company saw a 35% increase in brand awareness and a 20% lift in purchase intent after running ads on business and finance podcasts. (Source: Ad Age, “Capital One Wins Big With Podcast Advertising, Beats TV on Brand Lift”, 2023)

Casper: The sleep mattress brand witnessed a 50% increase in web traffic and a 17% conversion rate boost after partnering with sleep-focused podcasts. (Source: Digiday, “Casper Finds Sleepless Success With Podcast Advertising,” 2023)

Podcast Advertising Expert Opinions

“2023 was another year of significant growth for the podcast industry, and with increasing female and over 55+ audiences, we can expect more content production to serve those groups in the coming year,” Triton Senior VP Daryl Battaglia said.

Brian Colling, CEO of Colling Media, shares, “In today’s digital age, we’re advising our clients to invest in digital audio, especially podcasts. The engagement rates are phenomenal, and the ability to target specific listener demographics is unparalleled. Podcast advertising is helping our partners meet marketing goals.”

Podcast Advertising Conclusion

Podcasts represent a dynamic and growing advertising channel for brands willing to dedicate resources and commit to the medium. With broad reach, engaged audiences, and genre diversity, podcasts offer advertisers new marketing strategies.

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