Google has unveiled new shopping features for marketers as part of its summer updates. These features are set to streamline the shopping experience for users and provide marketers with more robust tools to optimize their campaigns. Marketers can now utilize enhanced product information, improved analytics, and more targeted advertising options to drive better performance.

Facebook Expands Broadcasting Across Pages

Facebook has expanded its broadcast channels to eligible pages with over 10,000 followers. This new feature will enable larger pages to reach their audiences more effectively, fostering deeper engagement and facilitating more interactive community experiences. By leveraging this tool, pages can now broadcast live videos, host Q&A sessions, and share real-time updates more seamlessly.

New Snapchat Tools to Safeguard Teens

Snapchat has introduced new protection tools aimed at safeguarding teens and other vulnerable audiences. These tools are designed to enhance privacy and security, ensuring a safer environment for young users on the platform. Features include more robust parental controls, content filtering, and alerts for potentially harmful interactions.

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