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Must-Have AdWords Automation Scripts

by Brian Colling - September 17, 2015

Must-Have AdWords Automation Scripts

In order to maximize the success of any internet marketing strategy, automation is the name of the game since it saves valuable time that ultimately turns into money by ensuring smooth marketing campaigns. This is also true for AdWords users, and automation scripts can make the automation process fairly seamless and hassle-free.

The following scripts all enhance AdWords automation in different ways, but they were all chosen because they provide indispensable automated benefits to AdWords users.

1. Bid to Position

Keywords are an integral component of Internet marketing.  Bid to Position maximizes keyword success by finding keyword bids that are too low and fixing their positions. Then, the script finds keywords whose bid position is too high and subsequently lowers those keyword bids. This script is an easy, automated way to find keywords most in need of adjustment for the overall success of an Internet marketing campaign.

2. Ad Performance Report

Ad Performance report is an essential resource for advertisers who need to measure the success of all of their advertisements. Whenever this script is executed, a new report will be generated, meaning this tool can be used to measure ad performance at any given moment. For easy automating, the script can be set to run weekly, providing a weekly and automated assessment of the past week’s ad performances.

3. Declining Ad Groups Report

AdWords scripts can be used to track data over a period of time, and the Declining Ad Groups Report is no exception. Specifically, this script automatically tracks the ad groups who are appearing to perform less optimally over time. Again, scheduling the script to run weekly will ensure that marketers and advertisers have a reoccurring snapshot of which ads are performing poorly, which will significantly improve the marketing campaign as a whole.

4. Search Query Report

The search query report is a great way to monitor the way search terms and your keywords interact. This script allows for the exclusion of negative search terms, which will help filter out unwanted searches for any and all keywords. Once the script runs the report, it is easy to exclude negative keywords as desired.

5. Enhanced Script: Anomaly Detector

Advertisers will be sure to appreciate this script since it automatically alerts an advertiser the moment an AdWords account is behaving atypically. When the alert is sent, advertisers can then immediately check any and all issues that were flagged. The script’s alert sensitivity can also be customized to further tailor to the advertiser’s needs.

6. Enhanced Script: Check Landing Pages

This essential script allows users to pause or delete broken landing pages automatically, which is a great way of reducing the costs spent on AdWords clicks that have no chance of converting. Additionally, retailers can pause items that are out of stock or have low customer reviews, making it an essential resource for online retailers as well.

Each of these scripts will assist your AdWords marketing strategies by providing easy automation strategies that are designed to maximize a campaign’s success. Best of all, each of these resources is free to use while still being packed with useful scripts and information. By utilizing these scripts and others, our agency has been able to increase our clients’ results and maximize our efforts in order to deliver a superior marketing campaign to our clients.

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