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5 Tips to Use Facebook Beacon for Effective Holiday Advertising

by Brian Colling - February 17, 2015

5 Tips to Use Facebook Beacon for Effective Holiday Advertising

Using Facebook Beacon can attract new customers, promote loyalty among your existing customer base, and encourage additional sales. During peak sales times, such as during the holidays, using Facebook Beacon can offer your company an effective way to cut through the online din of marketers competing for customers’ business.

Because of how the Facebook Beacon Bluetooth technology works, you can even send tailored holiday messages and sales updates through Beacon! In this post, learn tips to maximize Facebook Beacon’s digital marketing power during the holiday sales season.

1. Know what Beacon does and does not do

Your key to maximizing Facebook Beacon’s power is to understand what it does and does not do. The first thing to understand is that Facebook Beacon is not a stand-alone holiday advertising tool. Facebook Beacon only works for customers who have an iPhone 4S or higher and have enabled location settings to “on” within their iOS Facebook app (latest version).

For any customer who meets these specifications, they will see the following:

– Welcome notes from your business Page.

– Prompts to “like” your business Page.

– Posts/photos from your business Page.

– Posts/photos from their Facebook friends related to your business Page.

2. Use Beacon’s welcome note feature strategically

Facebook Beacon’s welcome note feature offers you two options. You can use the standard description you wrote for your business Page, or you can write your own customized greeting that will display. When you are having holiday sales and specials, you can use the welcome note feature to let customers know about what you are offering.

If you have never customized a Beacon welcome note before, here is what to do:

– Visit your business Page on Facebook.

– Click on “Place Tips” (left column).

– Look for “Welcome Note.” Just below it is a space you can use to customize the standard page description that will otherwise display.

– You can also select a custom photo in place of your usual business Page photo.

3. Add photos and posts to support your welcome note

Because Facebook Beacon will also display photos and posts from your page, you can add graphics and photos to display coupon codes, freebie codes, special offers, free shipping or “free with purchase” offers, flash sales, and other special sales events during the holidays.

4. Make sure you post OFTEN

Because your only control over what your customers see comes from keeping your business Page content updated, you want to make sure you post frequently and that your posts have high relevance to your holiday sales events. This is also the best way to keep your customers and friends of customers engaged and posting about your company and your sales events.

5. If you don’t have Facebook Beacon, order yours now!

Facebook Beacon is only available to a limited number of businesses, and you must request your Beacon from Facebook directly using their online form. So you want to place your order as early as possible before the holiday season begins to make sure your Beacon is set up and ready to go! Here is the link to request your Beacon.

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