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How Google Drive Can Put Your Marketing Campaign Into Overdrive

by Daniel Chen - September 11, 2015

Put Your Marketing Campaign Into Overdrive with Google Drive

Just about any project that requires a great deal of collaboration between two or more offices will benefit from using Google Drive. If you’re wondering whether or not Google Drive can help you run your marketing campaigns, the short answer is — absolutely.

Why It’s Great

Google Drive is similar to its predecessor Dropbox in that it’s a cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration tool. The main difference is that Dropbox is simple, while Google Drive is powerful and chock full of useful features. The second and probably the most amazing thing about Google Drive is that it integrates seamlessly with everything Google produces. It merges with Chrome and Gmail effortlessly. Google Drive offers more free cloud storage than Dropbox and more premium storage for less in the paid ranges. On top of all that, there is a free download version of Google Drive which allows you to work on your locally stored documents without an Internet connection.

How to Use Google Drive to Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Team Coordination

Collaboration is the name of the game. Where Google Drive blows everything else out of the water is in its ability to support the combined efforts of a team with diverse talents and skills.

This suite of software solutions enables a group of people to approach the same project from different angles simultaneously. Imagine you have a team of three people all working in different cities. One can produce a slide show while another creates a spreadsheet, and the next produces written content or other documents. Once everyone has their working drafts completed, they can all be exchanged and peer-reviewed simultaneously.

Lossless Integration

A massively undervalued feature that will save you from disaster time and time again is the Revision History tool. As you can imagine, when you’re sharing and moving files around, there is always the risk of losing a file, missing a save point, or crashing a machine in the middle of your work. Google Drive keeps a running collection of automatically saved versions of every document so that you can recover your content at practically any point.

Another way to utilize this feature is to undo unwanted revisions. If you or one of your partners does a comprehensive revision of a given document and you decide that the new direction was the wrong direction- you only have to go back through the version history to find the document in the state you want it. This feature will save you a massive amount of work and heartache.

Powerful Plugins

Using Google Drive’s extraordinary¬†plugins; Searchmetrics and SEMrush will allow you to be able to hone your marketing team’s strategies to laser precision. These are must-have plugins for your marketing efforts.

Use SEMrush to see your competitor’s best keywords, track position changes in domain names, and discover new competitors before they become a threat. With SEMrush, you’ll be able to analyze everything rival agencies are doing. Not only will you beat them to the punch, but you’ll be able to organize your efforts around theirs. It’s like having Sun Tzu as a board member.

With Searchmetrics you can monitor your page rankings as well as the criteria by which they are ranked. Searchmetrics enables your team to employ a data-driven approach to your content marketing strategy. Ordinarily, SEO marketing can feel like arbitrarily throwing content at the web and just hoping something sticks. With the Searchmetrics plugin, you’ll be able to look under your content’s hood to see what’s working and what’s not. It takes the guesswork out of fine-tuning your SEO content.

Maximize Your Team

Google Drive is great for individual use. But you aren’t really using it to its full potential unless you’re using it to coordinate your marketing team and streamline your marketing campaign. It is a tool that will give you back as much as you put into it. It eliminates the burdens associated with organizing a team project.

If you can organize your team around this one integrated tool, you will find that your expense in time, work, revision, and general workflow will begin to become more optimized. You may even begin to find your firm can do more with less once you fully integrate Google Drive. That’s how powerful this tool is when used in an optimal way.

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