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How to Gain Success With College Lead Generation

by Brian Colling - September 04, 2015

Gaining Success with College Lead Generation

Everyday businesses use lead generation to create high-quality sales leads that turn into revenue. Colleges and educational institutions can use the same methodology to bolster enrollment. In any case, online lead generation should be a major component of any school’s overall enrollment plan. For instance, the school’s website should be one of the most vital marketing platforms and sources of information for increasing enrollment and attracting prospective students. It’s especially important for online colleges to make sure their lead generation and marketing efforts are maximized to effectively attract students. We list out a few tactics on how to gain success with lead generation and how to step it up before the winter semester.

Facebook and Social Media Networks

With over one billion users, Facebook represents one of the most common watering holes for adults and prospective students. Facebook and other social networking sites represent an excellent opportunity to ramp up your lead generation for the current semester. Use the following Facebook and social media tips to increase your lead generation for the semester.

Use Facebook Ads

According to, Facebook paid ad clicks increased by 12%. Facebook has had a steady growth rate and is producing high-quality leads at a lower cost in many verticals. We are seeing many clients shifting their paid media budgets up to 50% to Facebook advertising.  Another targeting option is creating look-alike audiences of your previously enrolled students which can help find NEW students and a lower CPA.

Create Videos

Video posts have a significantly higher engagement than any other type of media. Creating informative or funny videos is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and prompt interested viewers to learn more about your institution. Aside from distribution, you can also promote videos on channels like YouTube and other popular sites.

Identify the Brand

Provide your audiences with content and information designed to further solidify the identity and mission of your school, which will ensure the school maintains its credibility.

Start a Conversation

Social media is an excellent place to engage your audience in a conversation. You can use forums to gather opinions and insight from students and faculty who are already enrolled or interested in enrolling in the school.

Content Marketing

It’s vital for schools to provide potential students with quality content. This content should be optimized for search engines to ensure the school ranks for specific academics, certifications, or courses in search engines. As a result, each page should have unique content with relevant internal links on every page. Visitors should be able to easily access the content. In addition, the content must be useful, interesting, valuable, and highly informational. Since potential students commonly turn to the web to learn more information about their program of interest, developing a lucrative content marketing strategy is vital for any school’s lead generation efforts.


One of the best ways to encourage potential students to take the next step is with a call to action (CTA). A CTA is an instruction to the audience to take a certain action, such as completing a contact form. Once an individual completes the CTA, they become a lead. Then, you can effectively massage the potential student by providing them with more pertinent information regarding their particular career choice. In lead generation, the layout of the landing page and placement of the CTA is everything. In order to be successful, it’s best to test different formats of CTAs to determine the most effective placement, etc.

Colling Media has had a lot of success within the education space. Our expertise in blending traditional marketing with digital marketing has yielded high-quality leads at a low CPA for our education clients. Give us a call to learn how we can help you.

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