Zuckerberg and Meta Face the Senate Judiciary Committee

Mark Zuckerberg faced the Senate Judiciary Committee, offering an apology to families affected by online harms on his platforms. However, the tone shifted as he then pointed fingers at Google and Apple, suggesting their app store rules hindered Meta’s ability to protect users. Regardless of blame, expect tighter restrictions on targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram in the coming year.

Google Unveils new Circle to Search Feature

Looking to the future, Google unveiled “Circle to Search”, a new feature allowing users to search within specific communities for more personalized results. This could see a surge in image and advanced language model translation searches, while marketers grapple with new keyword combinations. Get ready to adapt your search campaigns!

LinkedIn Offers Website Conversion Tracking From Advertisements

Finally, LinkedIn addressed a long-standing complaint: finally offering an easier way to track website conversions from ads. The catch? It relies on third-party cookies, which are set to crumble soon. So, enjoy this short-lived convenience while it lasts, marketers.

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