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TikTik and OOH, Trade Desk + InstaCart Team Up & Snapchat User Data News

by Colling Media - October 27, 2023

TikTik and OOH, Trade Desk + InstaCart Team Up & Snapchat User Data News

TikTok announces out of home options, Trade Desk partners with Instacart, and Snapchat touts unique audience, on this week’s marketing minute.

TikTik Announces New Out-of-Home Options

TikTok announced new out-of-home options under the name “out-of-phone” allowing advertisers to expand reach into billboards, kiosks and other digital displays. It’ll be interesting to see how competitive TikTok’s CPMs will be compared to [other programmatic platforms]. Out-of-home ads are inherently un-clickable, leaving open questions about how TikTok’s plans to handle attribution and measurement on these new “out of phone” ads.

Trade Desk and Instacart Team Up

The Trade Desk and Instacart are joining forces and leveraging customer shopping habits to create custom targeting audiences. Instacart has exclusive visibility into how often its users purchase a brand and how often they change brands. This could be a great opportunity for CPG brands to boost loyalty and discover new cross-selling opportunities.

New SnapChat User Data

Recent research by Snapchat shows their users don’t overlap with other social platforms as much as you might expect, at least not daily. For 16-to-24 year old Snapchat users, 63% don’t use Facebook, 50% don’t use YouTube, and 70% don’t use X. Although advertising outcomes on Snapchat have been uneven, the platform is key in a comprehensive marketing strategy. Ignoring it could mean missing vital audience segments.

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