Amazon’s New TV Ad Platform, New Performance Max Feature & Meta Updates Ads Manager

Amazon announces a new TV advertising platform, Google adds “search themes” to Performance Max, and Meta updates conversion goals, on this week’s marketing minute.

Amazon Announces NEW TV Platform

Amazon announced a new “Sponsored TV” platform at its annual unBoxed event last week. This new self-service platform is designed to allow advertisers to place ads on Freevee, Twitch, and other inventory on Fire TV apps. Amazon has steadily built a family of services aimed at consumers’ living rooms, and this represents a great opportunity for brands to reach target audience, especially if the targeting and tracking options include Amazon’s first-party data on sales through their massive e-commerce platform.

Google’s New Performance Max Feature

Google has announced a new feature for its Performance Max campaigns called “search themes.” The new feature lets advertisers select up to 25 key categories and themes to help guide Google’s AI to find the right audience for campaigns. Google has made consistent efforts to make Performance Max into a cross-channel option to spur investment in display and YouTube, and this feels like another attempt to drag search advertisers into Google’s other inventory.

Meta Updates Objectives in Ads Manager

Meta announced updates to the ad objectives in Ads Manager, reducing the number of campaign objectives from eleven to six. Several of the objectives that have been removed are now available as features of ad sets, allowing marketers to continue to optimize toward their favorite goals. All new Meta campaigns should use the new objectives, and sometime next year existing campaigns will stop working if they use the old objectives. Marketers should start updating existing campaigns now to stay ahead of this.

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