Disney Partners with The Trade Desk and Google OpenX

Disney recently announced partnerships with The Trade Desk and Google OpenX to offer programmatic inventory. Marketers will be able to tap into Disney’s massive audience across their properties, including Disney+, ESPN, and Hulu, reaching viewers engrossed in their favorite shows, captivated by Disney classics, or cheering on their favorite sports teams. Marketers should stay tuned to find out how to tap into these audiences.

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) Rollout Begins

Google’s recent Search Generative Experience (SGE) rollout could disrupt your current marketing strategy. SGE displays summaries and information directly on the search results page, potentially impacting brand and product term traffic. A recent study showed a potential erosion of traffic for brand-related terms. This highlights the importance of a strong SEO strategy and high-quality content to ensure your brand stands out in the search results.

Threat of Deepfakes Requires Brands to Prioritize Safety

Finally, the growing threat of deepfakes requires marketers to prioritize brand safety. Deep Fakes are AI-generated videos that can realistically impersonate people. Malicious actors could use deepfakes to damage brand reputation. Marketers will need to emphasize content declaration and disclosure for any AI-generated content you use, and be vigilant about monitoring online mentions of your brand.

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