Google Rolls out AI Overviews

Google has started rolling out AI overviews in the US, with plans for expansion into more countries. This new feature leverages artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive summaries of search results, potentially transforming how users interact with search engines. As AI continues to evolve, optimizing content for these AI-generated summaries will be crucial for maintaining visibility in search results.

Netflix Plans an In-House Ad Tech Platform

Netflix is set to launch its own in-house ad tech platform, aiming to capitalize on its rapidly growing ad audience, which reached 40 million in Q1. They’ve also announced a partnership with The Trade Desk, enhancing their ad offerings and targeting capabilities. As Netflix enters the ad tech space, advertisers will have new opportunities to reach a highly engaged audience through OTT/CTV channels.

TikTok Tests 60-Minute Video Uploads

TikTok is experimenting with 60-minute video uploads, significantly increasing the platform’s video length limit. This change opens up new possibilities for content creation and advertising, allowing brands to share more in-depth stories and engage viewers for longer periods. Integrating longer-form content into TikTok strategies could maximize engagement and impact.

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