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New Google AD AI Tool, TikTok Fires at YouTube & Data Confirms Short Forms Win

by Colling Media - February 01, 2024

New Google AD AI Tool, TikTok Fires at YouTube & Data Confirms Short Forms Win

Google Ads Rolls Out AI To Help Build Search Campaigns

Google has launched the beta version of Gemini AI, aiming to simplify the creation of search campaigns and boost ad quality. Advertisers are encouraged to explore its capabilities as it rolls out in the coming weeks, promising a transformative impact on digital advertising. Stay tuned for updates on this innovative tool reshaping the campaign creation landscape.

TikTok Takes Direct Aim at YouTube

TikTok directly targets YouTube shorts with the addition of Chromecast features, encouragement for creators to experiment with horizontal videos, and the commencement of testing for 30-minute uploads. Longer videos present an opportunity for increased ad revenue, possibly addressing recent UX complaints about too many shopping posts on the platform.

New Data Confirms That Shorter Forms Win

Typeform unveiled new insights into user interactions with forms, revealing a clear preference for forms with six questions or fewer. The data suggests incorporating numbers in form descriptions and supplementing them with images or videos to enhance engagement. These findings offer valuable guidance for optimizing the form-filling experience and improving user participation.

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