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Display Advertising on the Rise

by Brian Colling - June 24, 2013

Display Advertising on the Rise

Every few months a blog article or press release pops up declaring the death of banner or display advertising. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. According to a study of over ten billion display advertising impressions worldwide, industry giant Google found that in 2011 banner advertising had a banner year.

Google reports that during 2011, 15 of 25 display advertising vertical markets experienced growth. The vertical leader, the arts and entertainment category, not only showed growth but displayed an incredible 11% increase in spending over 2010. Other vertical markets, including sports and shopping, saw increases in the 37 percent growth range.

Another key statistic in the Google report was the increase in global display advertising. Historically speaking, North America has accounted for the lion’s share of online display advertising. 2011 saw tremendous growth in the global marketplace. Especially from China and Japan which made up 11% and 7% of total impressions for 2011. This worldwide growth pattern indicates a high level of regional diversification opportunities for display advertisers.

The United States has also shown consistent year-over-year growth for banner advertising holding 24 percent of the total global spending on banner impressions. And according to first and second-quarter reports for 2012, display advertising in the United States shows no sign of slowing.

So what does all this mean?

First off, contrary to what some marketers might sell you, display advertising is not dead. In fact, online display advertising remains a critical component of the marketing mix. Why? Simply put banner advertising works.

Secondly, if you take the report a step further it shows us that display advertising is not just another micro industry relegated to affiliate websites or multi-billion dollar brands. The largest percentage of display advertisers are small to medium-sized businesses seeking to supplement (or sometimes altogether replace) their offline marketing efforts.

Will banner advertising work for me?

Unfortunately, there is no simple yes or no answer to this question. The truth is not just anyone can create and manage a profitable display advertising campaign. If you’re serious about improving the presence of your brand online and the bottom line it generates you should always work with an expert internet advertising company. Experienced advertising agencies understand the going rates for media placement and how to create, test, and manage your online banner advertising campaign. The ultimate measuring stick of any display advertising campaign is the conversion rate Working with an established expert helps you to experience a greater click-thru rate and convert more customers.

The expert team at Colling Media has years of experience in display advertising. From fresh concepts to compelling copy, and unforgettable images Colling Media specializes in advertising packages designed to motivate your audience and drive revenue.

If you think online display advertising might be the right solution for your business, request a free advertising consultation.

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