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Why Mobile Advertising is Booming

by Brian Colling - June 21, 2013

Why is Mobile Advertising Booming?

Mobile advertising is one of the hottest and most effective advertising mediums today. In 2011 the United States mobile broadband subscribers topped 331 Million and the industry shows no signs of slowing as the number of smartphone users increases year after year. As a result, mobile ad spending has increased substantially to become one of the hottest advertising trends with growth projected through 2015.

Led by strong growth in the US, mobile ad spending is projected to rise approximately 62% in 2012 to a total ad spending of $6.4 Billion, outgrowing Japan’s already robust mobile advertising market.

recent report by industry analyst eMarketer suggests that the North American mobile advertising industry could grow by as much as 96% to reach $2.3 Billion in spending for 2012 and topple $4 Billion in 2013.

Large Screen Mobile Devices

Much of the growth of mobile advertising can be attributed to the introduction of mobile devices to the market such as the iPad and Kindle Fire. Because of their larger size and more convenient display options, these types of devices offer mobile users a much more convenient and faster-browsing experience than traditional laptops and pc computers. They’ve also pumped up mobile connectivity as users find the devices more convenient and easier to use than smaller-scale smartphones. As manufacturers rush to introduce their own mobile tablet computers to the market, the number of mobile device users will be sure to increase.

Location-based Technologies

But consumer growth alone hasn’t fueled the mobile advertising movement. The inclusion of location-based technologies in smartphones and mobile devices has encouraged savvy marketers to take advantage. Location-based technology allows cutting-edge marketers like Colling Media to deliver specific messages to mobile users based on their physical location.


Called geofencing, this version of mobile advertising can be combined with other proven tactics like mobile retargeting to target a highly specific audience and deliver timely and relevant content that boosts bottom-line ROI for the campaign. Thanks to these tracking methods, mobile advertising should see significant growth not only from early adopters but from major brands as well.

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