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TikTok’s New Partner, YouTube Faces Revenue Decline, New York Limits Geocaching

by Colling Media - September 15, 2023

TikTok’s New Partner, YouTube Faces Revenue Decline, New York Limits Geocaching

TikTok Launches Partnership with TransUnion

TikTok announced a partnership with TransUnion to provide advertisers with better tracking. Perhaps great news for advertisers and could lead to better targeting too, which TikTok has been slow to develop on its own. Concerns about ByteDance’s Chinese ownership and data privacy are likely going up since TikTok won’t just know your browsing and buying habits, but potentially your credit score too.

Youtube Testing New Ad Features and Interface

YouTube is testing fewer ad breaks with more ads per break and an updated interface. It feels like a move to make the platform look and feel more like OTT rivals. YouTube has struggled with declining ad revenues so this may also be a play to increase available ad units. While The move might not make users happy, it should make advertisers happy as brands get more opportunities to reach consumers.

New York Looks to Ban Geofencing

New York moved to ban geofencing around healthcare facilities, following Washington, Connecticut and Nevada and should dramatically alter how large pharma brands target users. Could third-party geographic audiences be the next data segment to fall to privacy concerns? Will this lead New York to consider more comprehensive state-level user-privacy laws like California, or will this buy time for lawmakers to wait for a federal solution?

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